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Crassus resigns from the Roman Senate, apparently to share the disgrace of his friend Glabrus, of who has been exhiled due to his poor decision has cost the Garrison of Rome many of its soldiers. Publicola defeated a force led by Crixus, but Spartacus beat both armies and marched his troops north to the Alps where they met and defeated the army of Cisalpine Gaul, led by the Roman governor.

Taking refuge on Mount Vesuvius, the gladiators trained the others in at least rudimentary combat skills.

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After several weeks of being in the camp, Crassus, a senator with an extreme love for the city of Rome, stops by to buy two pairs of gladiators to fight to the death.

The were almost completely destroyed. The second slave war occurred in — b. He declined to his offer. Man, a sacred thing to man, is killed for sport and merriment. During the reign of Nero adpanic erupted when gladiators at Praeneste attempted a breakout.

He may have even entertained the idea of raiding Rome, the source of enslavement of so many peoples. By some estimates it numbered 70, and included slaves from Gaul, Thrace, and the German tribes. Historians Plutarch, Sallust, Appian, Florus, and others reported the most famous slave revolt in 73—71 b.

Sharing command were two Gauls: Spartacus was defeated, but his victor refused to kill him, instead threw his trident up into the elevated stands of the senator.

With the legions of his political rivals rapidly approaching, Crassus was determined to bring Spartacus to a decisive battle. After this event, Crassus hurriedly left, but he was convinced by Lentulus to purchase a slave woman named Varinia.

He desperately searched for some other means to transport his army but could not devise one. During the first war the slaves, somestrong, took over several cities until betrayal from within their ranks led to their downfall.

Towns such as Consentia and Metapontum were stormed, their newly released slaves joining ranks with Spartacus and swelling the army to more than 70, Each soldier became proficient in the use of the short-bladed gladius, ideal for either thrusting or slashing.

The fight was long, with both fighters intent on winning. Crassus began to build a wall across southern Italy, trapping the slaves. The second slave war occurred in — b. Poorly trained and untested, the militia was usually sent to control riots or outbreaks of brigandage, while the solid legions of the regular army were used primarily in foreign conquests.

The Thracian waited for a snowy night and a wintery storm, noted Plutarch, when he filled up a small portion of the ditch with earth and timber and the boughs of trees, and battered his way through.

Perhaps a contingent of his gladiators preferred looting the peninsula as Crixus had, and Spartacus may have feared that a further division of his force could be disastrous if Roman legions pursued them and forced them into battle. The defeat became a rout, as Romans streamed away by the score.

Distraught over the lost of his lover, Spartacus started a revolt. Spartacus and his army finally reach the shore, only to find that the Cilicians have sold their loyalty to Crassus.

This example Spartacus Essay is published for educational and informational purposes only. As word of the insurrection spread, Spartacus led his force up the slopes of the dormant volcano Vesuvius.

Greek and Roman Slavery. Seeing Crassus through the confusion, Spartacus fought to reach the Roman general. In 73 BC he escaped with other runaway gladiators and took refuge on Mount Vesuvius, where he was joined by large numbers of escaped slaves.

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The insubordination that had plagued Varinius earlier now flared up once more. Landowners complained, the manumissions ceased, and slaves revolted. Slavery in the Roman Empire. What is known is that he was captured and sold into slavery.

Spartacus Essay

He is taught to fight with the Thracian short sword and shield. In three separate engagements, Spartacus first defeated Lentulus, who had attempted to surround the slaves, and then both Gellius and the praetor Arrius, who had recently slain Crixus and his Gauls. Drawing his force up to face Crassus, the weaker of the two opponents.

Samnite-style gladiators relied on their swords. Two legions of militia under the command of the praetor Publius Varinius then were dispatched from Rome to track the insurgents and bring them to justice.

For the moment, only poorly trained local levies remained to defend Rome. Spartacus is a historical epic film showing the rise and fall of a slave revolt in the Roman Empire.

The film follows the life of the Thracian slave, Spartacus, from his purchase by a trainer of gladiators and his leadership of the revolt to the climactic battle with the Roman Army and his eventual crucifixion at the order of Crassus.

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A Man Named Spartacus History Essay. Jubelin 1. Aiden Jubelin. Mrs. Rawe. English IV. March, 3, Spartacus Revolt.

In 73 B.C, a man named Spartacus was sold to a gladiatorial school to fight for his life. A Man Named Spartacus Spartacus Revolt History Essay. Jubelin 1. Aiden Jubelin. Mrs. Rawe. English IV. March, 3, Spartacus Revolt. In 73 B.C, a man named Spartacus was sold to a gladiatorial school to fight for his life.

(The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, ) This result of this protest inspired many revolts in the future and also was the basis for the popular movie "Spartacus" starring Kirk Douglas.

Spartacus history essay
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